Why is My Number Banned on Telegram?

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Why is My Number Banned on Telegram_

Telegram is a very fast growling and widely popular platform that allows sending and receiving of end-to-end encrypted messages. This platform allows users to create accounts based on their phone numbers and add their contacts as well as other people on the app easily. But what do you do when your number gets banned on Telegram?

Telegram takes its privacy policies very seriously so, it is common that you might sometimes get banned on Telegram without any knowledge. When you are banned from the app, you will not be able to create a new account or, use your account to communicate with people for a certain amount of time till the ban is lifted.

If you have no idea why you might have gotten your number banned on Telegram, keep reading this article to find out the possible reasons.

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Quick Summary

If the number used on your account has broken the Telegram’s terms and services then, it gets banned on the app. It maybe because you shared some nude or explicit content on the app, broke the community guidelines in any manner, harassed or bullied someone, or did something else that hampered privacy and security for other users on the app.

Why is My Number Banned on Telegram?

Telegram policies are very strict and breaking them in any kind manner can cause your number to get temporarily or permanently banned on the app. You might discover your number banned on Telegram when you try to create an account or when you access your current account.

If the number used to create an account previously had broken the codes of conduct on Telegram’s terms and policies then, you might find it being banned on the app. If you while using your current account broke Telegram’s terms of service in any manner, your account will get banned. The various reasons you have your number banned on Telegram can be:

1. Sharing Sexual Content and Nudity

Telegram strictly discourages and prohibits the sharing of any sort of pictures and videos related to sexual content or nudity whether it is of our own or other people’s. Doing anything to encourage this behavior or promote it is also not tolerated.

If you do so, you break the community guidelines and the terms of service of this app. Upon discovery of activities like this, your account along with your number is banned on Telegram.

2.  Use of Hate Speech

Millions of people use Telegram and you might connect with hundreds or thousands of them through this app. You might become friends with strangers and connect with them via a Telegram group or channel. If you are found or reported using any sort of hate speech towards anyone or on any topic or sensitivity, you risk your number getting banned on the app.

3. Reported for Harassment or Bullying

Harassing and bullying someone is a wrong thing to do whether on this app or anyone else. If you are reported by someone for harassing them or bullying them in any manner on the app, you will get your number banned on Telegram.

4. Spreading False Information

As this is a platform where numerous people connect, people in groups and channel owners have a huge capacity to spread information to people and influence them. If you are discovered spreading false information to people on any topic at all, you will get reported or flagged for it. When this happens, Telegram bans your number on the app to stop you from spreading wrong information like this.

5. Illegal Activities

Another reason why your number got banned on Telegram might be because your account was used for some illegal activities such as scams, money laundering, cybercrime, drug trafficking, etc. If it is found that you have been a member of any sort of activity like this, Telegram will immediately ban your number on the app.

It may also be because someone else used your number to register an account and carried out illegal activities using the number. So, when you attempt to create a new account, it will notify you that your number is banned on Telegram.

6. Spread of Cyber Attacks or Malicious Software

This may be intentional or unintentional. If you share links with people that might cause various cyberattacks or download malicious software putting their data and personal information at risk, you will get your number banned. Promoting software that helps hack and share them via the app is completely against the privacy policies of Telegram.

7. Spamming and Impersonation

Spamming people using the app by trying to promote your businesses, selling goods of no use, and spamming them not delivering your end will cause people to report your account, causing your number banned on Telegram.

In addition to this, if you are pretending to be someone else on the app and impersonating that person, Telegram will ban your number and account.

How to Recover Telegram Account after Ban?

Now that you have learned why your number might get banned on Telegram, you also need to learn how to recover your account after the ban. Usually, Telegram bans are temporary and have a certain time limit. However, if you wish to access your account fast as you haven’t done anything wrong, you can do so easily. You can recover your Telegram account after the ban by following any of the following methods:

1. Wait for the ban to be over

As mentioned above, Telegram bans are temporary and last for a certain amount of time. If your ban is shot and you do not need to access the account immediately, you can just simply wait it out. Once your ban is over, you will be able to access your account easily and use it like before.

2. Contact Telegram Support

You can contact Telegram Support by going to the Telegram website. Describe your problem, and enter your email and the number you have been using for the account. Then, submit the request. Telegram will review it and you will receive an email reply after some time. Make sure to describe your problem clearly so that your ban is lifted.

How to Recover Telegram Account after Ban?

You can also contact them via email by emailing your claim explaining that you have not broken any guidelines to ‘[email protected]’ or, ‘[email protected]’.

How to Recover Telegram Account after Ban?

3. Create a new account

If Telegram bans your account for a long period or permanently and does not recover it as well, you can also create a new account. It is suggested that you create a new account with a new contact number to ensure that the account is created easily and works efficiently.

How to Prevent Telegram Account from Being Banned?

To make certain that you do not face any problems of getting your number banned on Telegram, you can try your best to prevent that from happening at all. Certain ways are using which you can assure that your number does not get banned from the app. To prevent Telegram account from being banned,

  • Do not engage in the promotion of any sexual and explicit content such as nudes or pornography.
  • Do not use your account/channels to spread false information or links containing malicious software that can cause cyberattacks.
  • Do not engage in illegal activities of any kind as it will not only ban your number but can also result in jail time.
  • Do not use hate speech towards anyone or harass or bully them in any manner. Respect everyone and everything.
  • Don’t use your account to spam people in any manner or impersonate anyone you are not.


Hence, due to the reasons mentioned above in the article, your number may be banned on Telegram. Follow the community guidelines and Telegram’s terms of service to ensure that your number does not get banned in any manner. If you are not responsible for the ban, contact Telegram support and plead your claim properly.

Hope this article was helpful and cleared your doubts. Feel free to leave comments in case of any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long it takes for Telegram to respond to support requests?

You will receive Telegram’s response to your request within 24 hours. However, it may sometimes take longer depending on how many requests they have been receiving. If you do not receive your response for a week or so, try sending them a request again.

How long does my number get banned on Telegram?

It entirely depends on your offense and can range anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. If you are a regular offender, Telegram can also ban your number permanently on the app making creating a new account or using your account with the current number impossible.

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