How to See Spotify Wrapped 2023?

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How to See Spotify Wrapped

Since December 2016 Spotify brought out a feature where people could reminisce about their musical journey of the year. This was later termed as Spotify wrapped and is now available to everyone, whether Free or Premium on the mobile app. You can see Spotify Wrapped to get a generalized idea of your favorites throughout the year.

It is a great way to end the year and look back at things you listened to. If you were unaware of this, worry no more. In this article, we intend to show you ways to see Spotify wrapped and share it with your peers.

What does Spotify Wrapped Show You?

Spotify Wrapped includes your musical journey throughout the year. It analysis your listening pattern and activities and presents you with a report of solid channels you have been listening to throughout the year. If you see Spotify wrapped of someone you will notice it as the following topics including:

  • Your Top Songs
  • Your Top Artists
  • Your Top Genres
  • Minutes you have spent listening and more.

How to See Spotify Wrapped?

How to See Spotify Wrapped

You can only see Spotify Wrapped from the mobile app of Spotify. So needless to say you will need to have Spotify installed on your android or IOS device and follow the steps below:

1. Open Spotify.

2. From your homepage, tap on ‘Your Wrapped is here‘ box.

The Spotify Wrapped is a 12-page story that will allow you to see different aspects of your listening habits throughout the year.

3. Once you reach Your Top Songs, tap ‘Add to Your Library‘.

This will save the Top 100 songs you streamed this year. It will also allow you to see Spotify-wrapped playlists after a long time. Spotify has also added a fun way to let users know about their listening habits through 16 different Spotify-generated personality types.

One major thing to note is that you will only be able to see Spotify wrapped at year’s end and not any time of the year. You might also lose the wrapped once the new year starts so now is the time to go and see Spotify wrapped for you.

How to Share Spotify Wrapped?

When you reach the end of the 12-page story. On that, you can find the ‘Share‘ button. Tap on it to share your Spotify wrapped across different platforms for your followers to see.

Usually, people post the Spotify wrapped as their Instagram story, so you can choose ‘Stories‘ with the Instagram logo to Share. You can also download the wrapped if you wish to keep it for yourself.


Is Spotify Wrapped Available all around the year?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You cannot see Spotify wrapped as it is for a long time. Thus, people tend to share them across different social media platforms or take screenshots for memory.

Can You See Your Old Spotify Wrapped?

Though you cannot see your Spotify wrapped for a long period of time, there is a way for you to access the Spotify-wrapped playlists anytime you want. You need to log in to your Spotify account through a web browser and access any of the links below to get Spotify-wrapped playlists for each year.

Remember that this will only work if you have added your Spotify-wrapped playlist to your library over time.

Why Can’t I see Spotify Wrapped?

There may be numerous reasons why you cannot see Spotify wrapped for the year. First and foremost it is essential for you to use the Spotify app for mobile devices and not a PC app. In addition to that, the app should also be updated to the latest available version. You will also not find Spotify wrapped if you search for it before November 30th.


In recent days, there has been a rise in the hype of Spotify wrapped. People actually look forward to seeing Spotify wrapped in their friends and families. It is also a way to exchange musical tastes or introduce your friends to your favorite artists. We hope this was a helpful article and let us know if you have any queries.

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