How to Get Subscribers on Snapchat?

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How to Get Subscribers on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, with over 383 million daily active users. In this era of influencer marketing, Snapchat has become a huge platform that provides a space for new talented youngsters and helps them grow popular on the app.

This is where the part of subscribers comes kicking in. Others, especially businesses looking to collaborate, can easily determine your popularity and account engagement on Snapchat. This can be calculated depending on the number of subscribers you have.

If you are unaware of how to get subscribers on Snapchat and get your account to the apex, keep reading this article to find out.

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Quick Summary

You can gain subscribers on Snapchat by posting frequently on the app with original content, knowing and sharing your audience's preferences, and hosting giveaways often. You can also collaborate with users sharing the same content as you can also become a member of Snapchat+.

How to Get Subscribe Button on Snapchat?

Most people using Snapchat know that to set up a subscriber account as a verified user, you first need to obtain the subscribe button on Snapchat. We usually use this platform to talk to our friends and send snaps, but when it comes to getting the subscribe button on your profile, various requirements include much more than being a user and setting up an account. Those requirements are:

You must set up all privacy options, such as ‘Reach me’ and ‘Alerts for Everybody’, while creating a public account.

  • You should have at least 1000 Snapchat contacts.
  • You need to have kept your Snap profile active for at least two months.
  • You should have one bidirectional friend, i.e. you and your friend have to accept each other’s request.

Then you can follow the following methods to add a subscribe button to your Snapchat profile:

Method 1: Making your Snapchat Profile Public

You can get subscribe button on Snapchat by setting up your private account to public so that it can be accessed and viewed by many people and create more engagement to your page. To make your Snapchat profile public, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • Must have had an active Snapchat account for at least 24 hours,
  • Have a bidirectional friend
  • Follow Snapchat guidelines

Now, To create a public Snapchat profile, follow the given steps:

  1. Open Snapchat on your phone and log into your account.
  2. Tap the ‘Bitmoji’ (ghost icon) in the top left corner.How to Get Subscribers on Snapchat?
  3. Scroll down to the Public Profiles section and click ‘Create Public Profile’.How to Get Subscribers on Snapchat?
  4. Tap on ‘Get Started’.How to Get Subscribers on Snapchat?
  5. Select ‘Create’ to confirm.How to Get Subscribers on Snapchat?

The public profile will have been created.

Now that you have created a public profile, you can edit them, add images, set a profile picture and bio, and even set up your location. Remember that not everyone gets a subscribe button by converting their profile to public. When this happens, you must set up a Snapchat creator account.

Method 2: Getting a Snapchat Creator Account

A Snapchat creator account is another pathway to getting a subscribe button on Snapchat. Not only this, but the creator account also allows you to add your email address and website to your profiles and even see the statistics of how well your snaps and stories are doing. However, to qualify for a creator account as well, you need to fulfill some requirements. They are:

  • You need to have a minimum of 100 subscribers,
  • You must have at least one bidirectional friend on the platform,
  • Your Snapchat account must have been active for at least a week.

Make sure you post many original content, stories, snaps, and spotlights with your audience. Try to make the content as interesting and engaging as possible. When your Snapchat starts getting attention, your account will increase subscribers and be promoted to a creator’s account, which will help you gain a subscribe button.

You might also be able to gain a verified creator account with a unique star on your account, but that requires a completely different set of rules and regulations.

How to Get Subscribers on Snapchat?

Now that you have learned how to get subscribe button on Snapchat and set up your account as a public or a creator account, you also need to learn how to get more subscribers. Gaining some subscribers on Snapchat can be easy as you can request your friends and family to support you. But, when it comes to creating a following that can influence your way of life and create maximum engagement on your account. Some of the ways you can get subscribers on Snapchat and grow to a high level are:

1. Post multiple times a day

Ensure that your viewers always have some content to watch and that your account is never empty. Post 5-8 stories and videos a day to create maximum engagement. Focus not just on the quantity but also the quality of content you share. Try to make the videos super fun and interesting.

2. Know your audience’s preference

Every user attracts a lump of a particular audience having the same interests. Ask questions, chat with them, and know what they want to see on your account and what they love to discuss. Then, produce content based on that topic. Set a good genre for your account based on that topic.

3. Follow the trends

Follow the ongoing trends on the platform, and talk about them. Click pictures, shoot videos with trending filters, and participate in dance challenges popular on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. Ensure that your audience finds your account interactive and real.

4. Sign up for Snapchat+

Snapchat+ is an exclusive version of Snapchat that you can unlock for a premium price of $3.99 a month. This version contains different features unavailable on the regular version of Snapchat, including many pre-released filters and tools. This will make your account more attractive and efficient.

5. Collaborate with Influencers

Contact influencers who focus on creating the same content as you. Collaborate with them to create more useful content. This will allow you to be visible to the audience of the other influencer as well, which will, in turn, attract your new subscribers.

6. Conduct Giveaways

Once your account starts growing properly, conducting giveaways can become a game-changer. Giveaways help you reach an even wider audience and increase your subscriber counts to a maximum. This will help your account gain more engagement than ever and allow you to interact more with your subscribers.

Thus, these are some ways you can get subscribers on Snapchat.


Hence, using the methods mentioned above in the article, you can now easily get a subscriber button and subscribers on Snapchat. If you intend to grow, start posting creative, engaging content immediately. This is what will help you succeed in the long run.

Hope this article was helpful and cleared your doubts. Feel free to leave comments in case of any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Snapchat features and tools to attract subscribers?

Yes, you can. You can use Snapchat features like lenses, filters, stickers, and filters to make your content more engaging and shareable. Utilize Snap Map and location-based filters to target specific regions and attract local subscribers.

Can using hashtags on Snapchat help me gain more subscribers?

While Snapchat does support hashtags, their usage is not as prevalent as on other platforms. However, using relevant and targeted hashtags in your captions or stories can make your content discoverable by users searching for specific topics on the platform.

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