How to Find LinkedIn URL?

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How to Find LinkedIn URL

LinkedIn is a perfect platform for professionals seeking to network with people working in the same field. One can also look for jobs or people working in a different field than them to connect with. The easiest way to get recognized on LinkedIn is through your profile which is why it’s important to find LinkedIn URLs. Your profile can be accessed through the URL so it must be something people will find easy to follow.

Having a LinkedIn profile is beneficial since it not only allows you to connect with individuals from several industries but also keeps you informed about the latest news and job vacancies at different firms. It helps to create a person’s resume by allowing users to add information about their academics and job experiences on their page.

It is important to find LinkedIn URL associated with your profile so that you can share it on your resume or with other people. Your LinkedIn URL is also public information which is why it’s important to keep it unique yet simple and recognizable. In this article, we will look into ways to find LinkedIn URLs and customize it to your benefit.

How to Find LinkedIn URL on Desktop?

LinkedIn is a flexible-to-use platform also available on your desktop browser. If you strictly want to operate your LinkedIn profile using a desktop you have the option to do so. Follow the steps below to find LinkedIn URL on your desktop.

1. Go to LinkedIn.

2. Log into your account.

3. Click on the drop-down menu below ‘Me‘.

How to Find LinkedIn URL on Desktop?

4. Select ‘View profile‘.

How to Find LinkedIn URL on Desktop?

The URL on your browser as soon as you go to your profile in your LinkedIn URL.

How to Find LinkedIn URL on Desktop?

This way you can find LinkedIn URLs from your desktop. You can select and ‘copy + paste‘ the URL to share it with other people.

How to Find LinkedIn URL on Mobile?

It is easier to locate LinkedIn URLs through mobile applications. Make sure you have LinkedIn installed on your android and IOS device and follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on your profile and select ‘View profile‘.

How to Find LinkedIn URL?

3. Tap on the three dots and click on the ‘Contact info‘.

How to Find LinkedIn URL?

4. Your LinkedIn URL will be visible and you can share it as per your interest.

How to Find LinkedIn URL?

This way you can easily locate your LinkedIn profile URL using your mobile application.

Can You Customize your LinkedIn URL?

Fortunately, LinkedIn allows users to customize their URLs. LinkedIn provides you with a default URL using the name of your profile. However, the default URL may contain unnecessary elements such as numbers, symbols, etc. which will only make it hard for other people to identify your account. Shortening your LinkedIn URL could keep the URL concise and convenient to find. To customize your LinkedIn URL access LinkedIn and follow the steps below:

1. Log into your LinkedIn account.

2. Go to your Profile.

Customize your LinkedIn URL

3. Click on ‘Edit public profile and URL‘ on the right side of the screen.

Customize your LinkedIn URL

4. Click on the pen icon to make changes and click ‘Save‘.

Customize your LinkedIn URL

This way you can custom create your own LinkedIn URL.


LinkedIn has been known for its usage among professionals. It has provided people with a platform to not only extend networks but also search and apply for jobs directly. Having such a range of features, it is important to keep your profile updated to be recognized by other users on the platform. Here, we talked about how to find LinkedIn URL and ways to edit it to fit your profile. We hope this was a helpful article. Let us know if you have any queries.

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