How to Delete YouTube Channel?

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How to Delete YouTube Channel

Being a content creator on YouTube is a legit job these days. Not only are you bombarded with attention, but you also get the opportunity to work with brands. However, not everyone’s journey on YouTube will be full of roses. When you have made up your mind about leaving the platform you can simply delete YouTube channel.

YouTube is a platform where you can find content on different topics and genres. There may be several YouTubers you are interested in but you can also find them leaving the platform. If you are also in the same mindset, put off your stress and delete YouTube channel.

But if you are wondering how you can delete YouTube channel, we have got your back. In this article, we have demonstrated accurate ways you can follow to delete your channel on YouTube. In addition to that, we have also presented you with tips that can help save your account.

How to Delete YouTube Channel?

You can easily access YouTube through a desktop device. The process of deleting a YouTube channel is most feasible through the web so we recommend using a PC when you delete YouTube channel. Once you have an operating device, follow the steps below:

1. Open YouTube.

2. Click on the hamburger menu.

How to Delete YouTube Channel?

This will bring out different options that can help you navigate YouTube better.

3. Scroll and select ‘Settings‘.

How to Delete YouTube Channel?

4. Go to ‘Advanced Settings‘ and tap ‘Delete Channel‘.

How to Delete YouTube Channel?

5. Verify your account by clicking ‘Next‘.

How to Delete YouTube Channel?

If your password is not automatically filled, you will need to enter your password as well. When you delete YouTube channel, you essentially lose your entire journey on YouTube (unless you plan to start again). Thus, YouTube is simply trying to verify that it is you who’s taking such a big step.

6. Select ‘I want to permanently delete my content‘.

How to Delete YouTube Channel?

7. Check-mark the two boxes.

How to Delete YouTube Channel?

8. Click ‘Delete my content‘.

How to Delete YouTube Channel?

This way you can delete YouTube channel. But make sure you know that by doing this you are discarding all your content that has been up on your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Delete YouTube Channel from Android/IOS device?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete YouTube channel from the app available on android or IOS devices. This means when you want to delete YouTube channel, you will simply need to log in through a computer device or use desktop mode on the web version of YouTube through your mobile.

What Can You Do to Hide Your Channel?

You can follow the same steps we followed when we delete YouTube channel. The only difference in procedure comes when you reach step 5. After that select ‘I want to hide my channel‘ instead of choosing ‘I want to permanently delete my content‘.

Is Deleting YouTube Channel and Deleting YouTube Account the Same Thing?

No, deleting a YouTube channel is not the same as deleting a YouTube account. Though there is a slight misconception when you delete YouTube channel, you simply lose all your YouTube content and your current posting account. On the other hand, deleting your YouTube account means you also need to delete your Gmail service or unlink YouTube as a whole.

How to Delete YouTube Account?

Deleting a YouTube account might be tricky since it does not have a straight-through step list within the app. You might end up deleting your entire Gmail account when all you need to do is delete YouTube service from Gmail. If you want an in-depth tutorial on this read our article on ‘How to Delete a YouTube Account‘.


The Internet is an overwhelming space and you may need an escape sooner or later. In this case, learning ways to delete YouTube channel can help you restart your journey. This can also be helpful if you are facing trouble with your existing channel. We hope this was a helpful article. Let us know if you have any queries.

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