How to Add Spoiler in Facebook Messenger?

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How to Add Spoiler in Facebook Messenger

Thinking to send message regarding a famous series you have just watched but don’t know how to add spoiler in Facebook Messenger? Then you may go through the entire article.

Facebook Messenger is probably the most used social media platform. It is used by all age groups to stay in touch with family and friends by texting or calling them. Since it is a great place for communication, people also talk about their favorite movies, books, new series, etc. Sometimes you might text someone about a new movie or series that has just been released. If they have not watched it then you might accidentally reveal the plot twist to them which will for sure make them angry.

In order to stop ruining other person’s moods, you can add spoilers in your messages so that they can remain alert. If you inform them that there are spoilers in your message, they will have the choice to either see the message or ignore it. You can add spoilers in context to books, movies, series, gossip that is in trend, etc. so that the shocking information is not directly revealed to the other person.

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Quick Summary

In order to add spoiler in Facebook Messenger, log in to your account and go to the chat where you want to send the message. Type the message and then select it. Tap on the three dots and then hit the spoiler option.

What is a Spoiler?

Before knowing how to add a spoiler, it must be made sure that you know what a spoiler is. A spoiler is a term that is widely used in the context of movies, TV shows, novels, or any other type of media with a storyline. In context to Facebook Messenger, spoilers usually mean hiding your message or adding a spoiler tag in your message so that you don’t disclose a shocking message to someone without warning them.

How to Add Spoiler in Facebook Messenger?

There are a few easy steps that you may follow in order to add spoiler tags in Facebook Messenger. The steps have been outlined below.

  1. Log in to your Facebook Messenger.
  2. Go to the conversation with whom you want to chat.
  3. Type the message.
  4. Select the message.
  5. Tap on the three vertical dots.
  6. Hit the ‘Spoiler‘ option.

With these steps, you will be able to warn the other person that your messages contain some sort of spoiler. The problem here is that this feature may not be available in some of the regions.

How to Reveal the Spoiler?

If anyone has sent you a message with spoiler warnings on Facebook but you are not being able to look at it then you may follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook Messenger.
  2. Go to the conversation where you want to see the message.
  3. Tap on the message you want to reveal.
  4. Tap on the tag to display the spoiler.

These steps will help you to easily display the messages with spoiler tags that other users have sent you.

Other Alternatives to Add Spoiler

Apart from the official spoiler feature, there are other alternatives you can use so as to add spoiler warnings in Facebook. The alternatives can be enlisted as follows:

Using the Gift Sticker

One feature that Messenger has recently launched is the gift sticker that can be used while sending a message. Here your message will be sent inside a gift box. This is a great idea to send spoilers. Since your message will be hidden, you can warn the other person regarding the spoiler so that they can see the message accordingly. If they do not want the spoiler then they can ignore the message and never open the gift box.

To add the gift sticker while using your mobile phone you may follow the steps below:

  1. Type the message and tap on the magnifier glass icon.
  2. Tap on the gift box icon. How to Add Spoiler in Facebook Messenger?

Using Codes or Symbols

Another alternative to adding spoiler tags in Facebook Messenger is by using different codes or symbols so that the other person can remain alert. For example, you can use a siren symbol before the message or type SPOILER ALERT/SPOILER AHEAD before the message. Apart from that people also use skull emoji which means spoiler alert.

What Happens If We Don’t Add Spoilers?

Giving spoiler warnings in Facebook is very important. If you don’t add spoiler tags in Facebook Messenger it might hamper the fun experience of the other person while watching or reading the same thing. Here are a few reasons why you must always add spoiler warnings in Facebook:

  1. You might make the other person angry
  2. You message may ruin the other person’s enthusiasm
  3. It might also downgrade your own reputation in front of others


To sum it up, the spoiler is added to stop yourself from disclosing some information to someone. You can add spoiler warnings in Facebook by using the spoiler option itself and if it is not available then you can use other alternatives. You can message the person with various codes and symbols in order to warn them about the spoiler.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why am I not being able to add the spoiler in Messenger?

You may not be able to add a spoiler in Messenger in some regions because of its unavailability.

Can the spoiler tags be used in a group chat?

Yes, you can use the spoiler tags in group chat as well.

Is a spoiler tag feature available for videos as well?

No, the spoiler tag feature can be used only in the case of text. If you send a video with some spoilers then you can message them in text itself stating that the video has some spoiler content.

Can the spoiler tag be unsent like other messages?

No, the spoiler tag cannot be unsent like other messages.

Can I use spoiler tags when commenting on someone else’s post in Facebook

There is no specific feature that lets you use spoiler tags when commenting on someone else’s post in Facebook but you can use some codes or symbols just like while chatting on Messenger.

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