How Long Can You Screen Record on iPhone?

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How Long Can You Screen Record on iPhone

Ever since the introduction of mobile phones, it has impacted people’s lives in various ways. In these modern times, it is actually rare for a person to not own a phone as absolutely everyone seems to have one. With the increased usage of mobile phones, the device saw rapid development. Nowadays, mobile phones have countless features and functions which have replaced numerous devices.

One such feature on new mobile phones is the ‘Screen Record’. Screen Record is also available on the iPhone. Screen Record lets users capture the screen of their iPhone and record whatever is going on in the device. This could range from capturing gameplay, video tutorials or even conversation with friends.

But have you ever wondered how long can you screen record on iPhone? In this article, we will be looking at how long you can screen record on iPhone as well as teaching you how to. So, make sure to go through the whole article!

Quick Summary

There are no limits as to how long you can screen record on iPhone. However, some factors are involved with the lengths of your recordings. These include storage space, battery life and iPhone model as well. Screen recording consumes a lot of battery and the longer the video the larger the storage space it is going to occupy.

What is Screen Record on iPhone?

First released with IOS 11 on 2011, the ‘Screen Record’ feature on iPhone allowed users to record the screens of their iPads and iPhones. After IOS 11, users could simply turn on this feature from the Control Center and begin to record their screen. This feature provides users a very convenient way of recording and sharing content present on their device such as gameplay, online conversations and even informative tutorials. While the screen recording is turned on, people can interact with their iPhones normally whilst the activity on the screen is being recorded.

While the feature has accompanied users with capturing moments on their iPhones, it also comes with its own constraints and limitations.

How Long Can You Screen Record on iPhone?

So now the main question, how long can you screen record on iPhone? The maximum length of your screen recording is never fixed but it depends on a lot of factors which includes iPhone model, storage space and battery life of the iPhone.

  1. Storage Space – The storage space has a lot to do with how long you can screen record on iPhone. The longer your video is, the larger the video data file is going to be. Devices with a large storage space can handle longer screen recordings than devices with low storage.
  2. Battery Life – The task of screen recording on your iPhone requires a lot of power. The longer you record your screen for, the more your battery will be drained. If your iPhone has lower battery levels then your iPhone may limit the length of the screen recording, to preserve battery life.
  3. iPhone Model – The model of your iPhone also has an effect on how long can you screen record on iPhone. Newer iPhone models offer better performance than their ancestors, which means that it also provides longer screen recordings than older versions.

Although there are no limits for screen recording on iPhone, the mentioned factors impact the duration of your recording.

How to Screen Record on iPhone?

The ‘Screen Record’ feature on iPhone is a really cool feature that lets users record their screens while they continue to use their phones. As discussed above there are no limits to how long you can record so why not record as much as you can! However, if you are confused as to how to use this feature then we’ve put together some steps to help you out.

Before you can actually record your screen on iPhone, you need to add the feature to your control center from the settings. To do so, you can follow the steps down below which have been inspired from the actual Apple Guideline: –

  1. Open the Settings App on iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on ‘Control Center‘.
  3. Tap on the green button in front of ‘Screen Recording‘.How to Turn on Screen Record on iPhone?

After you have added the feature to your Control Center, you can go ahead and start recording. To screen record on iPhone, follow the steps down below: –

  1. Go to your iPhone home screen.
  2. Drag down the ‘Control Center‘ and tap on the ‘Screen Record‘ button.
  3. A countdown of 3 will start and the button will turn red after it is turned on.
  4. After you finish recording tap on the flashing red Record Button.How Long Can You Screen Record on iPhone?
  5. A notification will pop up saying your Screen Recording is saved.How Long Can You Screen Record on iPhone?

After you stop recording, the video will be saved to your gallery on your iPhone. From there you can access the video and edit or send it to someone or even just keep it as a memory.

How to Maximize Screen Recording Duration on iPhone?

There are no limits on screen recording for your iPhone but there are factors that affect the length of the recording. Your iPhone may only handle screen recording of a few minutes and you are looking to increase the length of your future recordings. To maximize the screen recording duration on your iPhone you can follow some of the tips given below: –

  1. Clear Storage Space – You need to have sufficient storage space on your iPhone to take longer screen recordings. Make sure to delete unused apps, files or even photos to clear up space.
  2. Update IOS – IOS updates bring the latest improvements and optimizations to your iPhone. Updating your iPhone to the latest IOS update might provide better performance and longer screen recordings.
  3. Keep iPhone Fully Charged – While screen recording, you should make sure that your iPhone is at its maximum battery capacity for longer recordings. You can even screen record while charging your iPhone as the recordings use up a lot of battery.
  4. Lower Screen Brightness – Having a higher screen brightness means the quicker the battery will be used up. Lowering the screen brightness will help conserve your battery whilst you are recording.
  5. Close Unused Apps – Some apps still run in the background unless you completely close them. Once you close these unused apps, it prevents them from consuming processing power and battery. This provides optimal conditions for your screen recording.
  6. Turn on Low Power Mode – Low Power mode helps optimize battery life of your iPhone. It adjusts other settings as well as reducing background activity which results in longer screen recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Resume a Screen Recording After It Stops?

Once a screen recording has been stopped you cannot resume it again. After the screen recording is stopped, it is saved directly to your iPhone gallery. If your recording got stopped prematurely you can start the screen recording again.

Does Screen Recording Affect Performance of Other Apps?

You can start to screen record on your iPhone and also use the apps as you normally would without any effect. However, you should refrain from running multiple apps that demand a lot from your iPhone.

Can I Screen Record a Phone Call or Video Call on iPhone?

Yes, you can screen record a phone call or even a video call on your iPhone. It is no different from screen recording other activities. However, you should make sure that you have consent from the other party to respect their privacy.


Screen Record on iPhone is a wonderful feature that lets you capture your screen while you use it normally. This feature can be beneficial for people that want to record their activities on their iPhones and share it or even keep it as a memory. But the real question is how long can you screen record on iPhone?

The length of your screen recording depends on multiple factors which includes storage space and battery life of your iPhone and even the iPhone model. The more storage space and battery life you have the longer your screen recording should be. Also, newer models may support longer recordings too.

That is the end for this article on ‘How long can you screen record on iPhone?’. We hope that we were able to help you in some way or the other with the steps that we laid out above. If you have any questions or queries, then please feel free to leave them down below. We will try to get to them as soon as possible so do not hesitate to ask relevant questions.

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